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Monday, April 23, 2007

.com, .net, .org

Tired of typing full urls, many people have discovered that if they type the middle of a url in the address bar, then hit ctrl-enter, most browsers will complete the full entry. For example:

Type cnn in the address bar, hold down the {CTRL} key and press {Enter}.

Your browser will change it to

takes that one step further, by allowing you to to access .net and .org addresses just as quickly. Type cnn again in the address bar. Now,

To access a .net address: Hold down {Shift} and press {Enter}.
To access a .org address: Hold down {CTRL} and {Shift} and press {Enter}.

if Microsoft does an upgrade to IE beyond 7.0, then look for the same functionality in there. I have been using Firefox for a while now, since there appears to be a memory leak in IE which means that you get pieces of zombie code running even after you close down IE 7.0 (under windows xp sp 2) and which can only be killed by deleting the process iexplore.exe.

Hopefully an upgrade will fix that too...


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